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Himalayan Health Exchange Inc. was established by Himalayan Spirit Expeditions to provide a cross cultural learning and community service based adventure.

In 1996, founder Ravi Singh, a native of Himachal Pradesh now living in the U.S., organized a medical camp for a US based organization in the Indian Himalayas. This experience encouraged him to make future expeditions, under Himalayan Health Exchange, to be community service based adventures. Himalayan Health Exchange’s expeditions now cover 4 remote regions of the Indian Himalayas and, through trekking, hiking and road-travel, our teams get a rare opportunity to learn from lifestyles of the natives and in return teach them the importance of good health and well being. Varying levels of trekking, hiking and road travel provide a unique and profound intercultural experience to individuals of all ages who may be interested in doing a international health elective or a independent field study project.

The focus of our expeditions is to provide a quality educational experience mixed with adventure and culture and to improve local well being. Primary and public health is integrated into all of our expeditions. A health awareness campaign includes general and oral hygiene, diet and nutrition, reproductive health and prevention from commonly found infectious diseases in the Trans-Himalayan regions along the Indo-Tibetan borderlands. Patient population includes natives, Tibetan settlers and children living in monastic schools, orphanages and Buddhist nunneries.

Each expedition is designed and planned around local weather, road and trekking conditions with safety of participants being the top priority. Ample time is included for exploring the surrounding region. A typical camp day comprises four to six hours of field work. Depending on the group's wishes, we may tour, hike or visit a village or settlement for the remainder of the day. We return for evening case study presentation session and a relaxing evening to enjoy a meal and conversation before retiring for the night.

In October 2015, Himalayan Health Exchange completed 20 years of running international health camps and electives.

Regions covered:
INDIA : Western Himalayan regions of the Chang Thang plateau, Zanskar, and Nubra Valley in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh Pangi, Dodra Kwar, Spiti and several lower lying regions. Uttrakhand and the Eastern Himalayan States of Sikkim and parts of West Bengal
NEPAL: The Solu-Khumbu region (Discontinued)

Years of operation: 20
Medical & dental expeditions and electives: 102
Participants: 3000+ from 24 countries
Patients registered: 232,600
Surgical camps sponsored:  8
Major surgeries performed on surgical camps:  1,434
Eye Camps including cataract removal: 3
Patients sponsored for Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) surgeries: 23

Clinic Sites:
Number of clinic sites covered annually: 78
Villages and Nomadic Settlements: 35
Tibetan Settlements: 11
Schools: 21
Monastic Schools: 5
Special -Needs Schools: 1
Orphanages: 1
Buddhist Nunneries: 4

Highest clinic site: 15,220 feet
Highest pass crossing on foot: 18,208 feet
Highest pass crossing in vehicles: 18,380 feet

Team Size:
Highest team participation in one trip: 41
Lowest team participation in one trip:  9
Average team size: 32

Team Safety:
Evacuations/airlift due to altitude sickness: 4
Evacuations/ground and air due to fractures: 3
Evacuations due to illness:  3

Countries Represented:  US, Canada, UK, Iceland, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and India.


Himalayan Health Exchange
P.O. Box 610
Decatur, GA 30031-0610
Tel: 404-929-9399

E-mail: info@himalayanhealth.com

Himalayan Health Exchange is a proud sponsor of an orphanage & school in Spiti, Paplung Buddhist Nunnery in Kullu and ‘The Himalayan Buddhist Cultural School’ in Manali, all located in the Indian Himalayas.


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